Sunday, January 31, 2010


We have one suggestion for APM (see commment on last entry). Anyone else game? I think a roundtable could be great...sort of Academic Associate Deans: Roles and Challenges. What do folks think? Anna


  1. Hi Anna:

    I can't tell if I am a member or not, but I'm commenting anyway. I like the idea of having a roundtable and wonder two things:
    1) would it be a better sell for CSWE since they are more education focused than SSWR? (or maybe that's what you mean by APM - I didn't see the last entry)
    2) Do you think that we might want to have a more general title to widen the audience and just say it's from the the perspective of academic associate deans? for example, if we had a roundtable on "gatekeeping", that would have a wide appeal, but it would be okay to have it be based on the perspectives of ADAs. I hope I'm making sense...


  2. I was thinking CSWE and I like the idea of a broader topic--we could sponsor and bring the AAD perspective, but have it open to others